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[Fun game!] Afternoon session VS Morning session (improve ur maths xD)

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Well, since we have to keep the forum lively, this would be a competition between the afternoon session and morning session...

We'll start with 500

Every afternoon session will subtract (-) the number by 5
And morning session will add (+) by 5...
As in

Current number: 455
Afternoon session 1: 450
Afternoon session 2: 445
Afternoon session 1 again: 440
Morning session 1: o.O what have you people been doing while we were at school?! D: 445
Morning session 3: 450

and so on....

The rules for this game are: cannot post right after she had posted like:

Person 1: 890
Person 1 again: 895

That is forbidden and the person who post after that please IGNORE the double post and start with the supposed number...

2.If the number reaches 0 first, the afternoon sessions win!!

3.On the other hand, If the number reaches 1000 first, The morning sessions win!!

We'll start with 500!

Let the game commence!

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505! xP

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515 ?

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